2014 “June Fourth” Poetry Film Contest


  1. Video length: 64 ~ 89 seconds, made suitable for viewing on cell phones and tablets.
  2. Sources of poetry selection: Contestants are free to use the ten poems from Anthology of June 4th Poetry above or to compose original poems. The text of the poem selected may or may not appear in the video, whether partially or in its entirety.
  3. Formats accepted: AVI, MOV, and MPG. All videos must be in a resolution 720x480 as a minimum. The winners must provide the Organizers with the original file of the winning video on a disc.
  4. Subtitling: Subtitles are required if your video has dialogs and/or narrations.
  5. Contestant qualifications: None. All individuals and parties are welcome. A contestant may submit more than one video.
  6. Submission instructions:

·      Step 1: Upload your video (resolution 720x480 and above) to Youtube with privacy set as “Unlisted” (viewable by those who are sent the video link).

·      Step 2: Fill out the online submission form of “2014 ‘June Fourth’ Poetry Film Contest.” The submission system will notify you instantly whether your submission is completed or not.

  1. Submission deadline: April 30th, 2014. 23:59:59 (GMT+8, Taiwan time).
  2. Awards: Three winners will be selected among all the contestants. They will be awarded on June 4th, 2014. Prizes include copies of  Anthology of June 4th Poetry and other collectibles. The Jury and Organizers reserve the right to change the prizes, the number of winners, and the division of prizes.
  3. Copyrights:

·      Any original work, i.e., music, footage, or written texts that appears in your video must comply with Taiwan’s copyright regulations.

·      The Organizers have offered free score music downloads. Please refer to the official website or the information above. If you choose to use music not provided by the Organizers, you will need to prepare an authorization letter signed by the copyright owner(s) and send it to the Organizers along with a disc copy of your video that has made it to the final.

·      The right of publicity: To avoid violating the right of publicity of anyone who shows up in your video, it is your responsibility to confirm that he or she has agreed to be seen in the video.

·      Copyright agreement: Your video must be original and clear of copyright issues. You will be held utterly responsible for any legal obligations and punishments if your video is found of copyright infringement. If such infringement is confirmed, the Organizers will annul your award and recall the prize if given. 

·      The poems provided by the Organizers are agreed by the writers to be used for public benefits or non-commercial purposes. If you would like to use them for other purposes, please contact the writers for permission directly. 

·      You must agree that your video can be viewed for an unlimited number of times on the websites concerned before the award ceremony. Your video should not be publicly accessible on any media or websites or entered into any other contests before the contest ends.

·      The winners agree that their videos can be unconditionally used for public benefits or non-commercial purposes that promote human rights and democracy. The Organizers are entitled to the videos’ copyrights such as the remanufacturing, distribution, re-editing, transmission, public screening, and releasing of the videos in Taiwan and overseas.

  1. Privacy protection: All contestants’ personal information is strictly used for internal verification and as means of contact. No other uses are allowed.